“KHEMZ–IPEC”, PrJSC, manufactures and delivers the following products making part of electric centrifugal pump plants:

  • electric motor;
  • protector;
  • centrifugal pump;
  • input module;
  • check valve;
  • drain valve;
  • sludge trap.

As to other products also included in electric centrifugal pump plants, such as telemetering system, gas separator, filter, cable, cable extension with coupling, control station, transformer and others, “KHEMZ–IPEC”, PrJSC, gives engineering and technical consultations and recommendations. Also “KHEMZ–IPEC”, PrJSC, may deliver electric centrifugal pump plants, completed as requested by the Customer, including products of other manufacturers.

Structure of products manufactured by “KHEMZ–IPEC”, PrJSC

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